Realizing New Destiny for mankind

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I was born and grown up in the business and industrial hub of Nepal. My motherland is a synonym of himalayan country. I consider myself lucky to have an opportunity to work both at home and abroad with the leading organisations of those regions. Since childhood I had an interest in independent business. The influence and environment in my early childhood made me to think seriously and be obedient to seniors. After school, I chose to study science for some years before I started to work for an international voluntary organisation while I was still an undergraduate student. Influenced by the job I received masters degree in management later. I spent some years working in commercial banks and doing some trading business privately before I took some years of abroad work experience, further education and training.

I need to learn a lot from here onwards too about how to make my life meaningful and attractive. I have to work hard to make my family and specially my parents happy and to make them feel proud of me. Why not I work harder and better right from today I often think.

I have been able to learn and look inside myself and realised what I want to do in my life. I am a dedicated and result oriented worker who has a natural flair for humanitarian service. Infact, half of my work experience and time have an utmost interest and deep desire for the upbringing of the deprived and undermined community. Their situation makes me feel sad. I have worked with some of the largest network organisations and specially with some that worked for rights based and humanitarian works and empowerment programs. Due to my work nature and my personal interest I have learnt several dialects cultures from various countries. I like to meet various types of people in various societies and each time I find something to learn from them.
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