My Interest

The interest of a human depends upon his long term experience, his upbringing, education and many other factors. I have an interest to travel different places around the world and experience many new things. I am great fan of the modern technology and recently my interst has inclined towards dynamic techonology such as Robotics and nano technoloty but this time I am focussed on ICT and particularly in the field of educating the underprivileged community. My dream is to reduce the digital divide which is fast growing now between the developed and developing communties. My success in this regards is directly related to the future of our country and its people.

In order to realize my dream and my interest I have initiated a campaign to collect views, to make a loose forum of country men as well as experts and welwishers from all parts of the world to get together and help introduce a system such to narrow the gap between the developed and developing communities. I alone cannot be successful in this big mission so I seek assistance, wel wishes and contribution from each and every friends from Nepal or abroad. Let us help the humanity to grow and the division among the two societies minimise. Anyone who are aware of the ICT issues and particularly about the possibilities of introducing and collaborating with the ongoing and new technological introduction in Nepal.

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