This thesis will develop an effective presentation of the social picture using the graphics tools and web application in South Asian country using illustrative computer applications and Web-Based applications

A. General Information
1. Name: Tumburu Gautam
2. Student ID: 05-06-007
3. Curriculum: Research Student 2005
4. Thesis Advisor: Takaya Kunihiko
5. Duration: 6 months

B. Area of Research

This thesis will develop a social image of a certain place in south Asia based on the factors on that area. The model developed therein will enable to quickly and effectively present the socio economic and cultural heritage of the teritory.

C. Objective

There are various socio economic strata in South Asian society namely rich, average and poor class. It has been difficult for the concerned authorities to distinguish and get ready information about them in order to design national policy. Whatever they have found theoretically may not be convincing throughout the all the strata of the society. This research will clearly define the problem and as well suggest the potential solution visually. At present, only traditional graphs and literature is available which is not enough and convincing. So, this research will attempt to problem identify depict by using contemporary animation and web tools efficiently.

D. Research Questions

Tools used
(1) HTML
(2) Web pages construction Tools
(3) Movie / Art graphics applications

E. Scope of Thesis

The objective of this research is to develop pictorial database to evaluate the socio economic perspective depicted by the picture. Text and animation plus charts added to clarify. It is intent of this research to find ways to depict the socio cultural and economic degree of the proposed place with ease and quickly.
F. Methodology
Pictures and text will be designed such to depict the characteristic of the proposed place using program.

G. Assumptions

We can tentatively categorize the people living in that area into three level; rich, medium class and poor in terms of access to facilities.

H. Tentative Thesis Outline

I. Introduction
II. Background
III. Theory and procedure
IV. Analysis
V. Conclusions and Recommendations
VI. Appendices
VII. Bibliography

I. Schedule

Start from November 1, 2005 for six months.

J. Benefits of Study

This thesis will benefit the people who are in decision level making for quickly recognizing the type of socio cultural quality that the picture wants to explain.

The problem of representing the inner realities of human socio culture is important and it would be easier to do so using computer graphics. Computer graphics have been widely used and I would like to use it now to depict the socio culture and economic structure of a given place (here I chose Indian Sub continent). It is still very hot research topic. One of the facets of this problem is the motion creation. Creation of the motion is only one of the numerous issues related to realistic motion in computer graphics. This technique gives a foundation for an interesting motion transformation method, described later in this research proposal.

K. Justification

I haven't done much background reading on similar subject but I have several ideas of what I'm going to pursue in my research. I'll look into the possible ways of work partitioning during the cinematography phase, complex motion. This project should achieve the goal to develop user interface which is convenient, friendly and flexible. My proof is that it will be easier for non professional people to read and conclude about the socio cultural map of the given place quickly and more friendly in less time than going back to read all the lengthy literatures. It will also present the experiments' results. The goal is to give more or less definitive answer to the question in short time.